Changes Abound!!!

The holiday season is coming and changes are abound at Mad River Property Management.  Our new offices (in the same building on the other side) are done and looking great.  Stop down for a visit, or to pay a bill.  We have a new dropbox outside our office for the convenience of our customers.  We will try to update this site more often, as well as our Mad River Property Management Facebook page.

Vee’s Floral is in full swing and operating out of the old Mad River Garden Center space.  Holiday plants, wreaths and gift items are in and there will be workshops as the holidays get closer.  Contact Vee by email or at 802-496-3334 by phone for more info.  Check out her Vee’s Flower’s Facebook page!

Starting after Thanksgiving, a Christmas tree vendor will be selling trees (cash only) to retail customers in the side yard of our building.  If you are a customer of ours and need a quantity of trees, or a tree delivered and set up at your home, contact Ed and he can facilitate that for you.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a snowy winter!